Profit Advisor

The Profit Advisor relationship has three stages:

  1. The basics in order:  In this stage, we ensure that the accounting is in order.  The accounting needs to be completely online.  We need to establish processes and procedures that are efficient, ensuring that the solo practitioner is taking advantage of technology to expedite all accounting processes. In this stage, we also establish accounting habits that save time and money.
  1. The Profitable Plan:  Once we understand the financial position of the practice and the solo practitioner has real time information, we work on a profit plan.  We translate goals into figures, so that we can create a feasible road map to achieving financial goals understanding where the focus should be.
  1. Profit First Accounting:  This third step, sets up the solo practitioner with a system that will allow them to make daily choices just by looking at their bank accounts.  The intention is to use insight into figures to actively steer towards profit and always set aside money to pay taxes and salaries.

If you are committed to having a financially healthy and profitable practice, we would like to work with you.

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