Law Firm Profit Advisors and Accounting Consultants

Using our accounting expertise to help solo practitioners create a financially healthy and profitable practice that achieves financial goals and supports a desired life style.

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As an attorney, a law practice is a great vehicle to make financial dreams come true and achieve goals. This, however, requires a financially healthy and profitable practice. With our accounting and law firm experience, we transform the bookkeeping and finances of law practices into practical tools to achieve financial goals.

A financially healthy and profitable practice is one where all accounting records are in order, taxes are 100% paid by the law practice, the financial assessment of the practice is clear, there is a methodology in place so that cash flow is never a problem, and there is a profit plan in place which is the road map to achieving financial goals.

Whether you are barely paying the bills or grossing $1 million plus annually, if you run a single-shareholder law firm, we are committed to adding value that goes beyond standard work!

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